The Cloud at Work

The New Cloud Landscape

VoIP, email, instant messaging, video conferencing and web-based collaboration. Business communication today is driven by these key services. But successful delivery can be costly and time-consuming. That’s why small and midsize companies and organizations turn to the expert cloud services provider, Appia.

Appia Communications has been delivering the Cloud to customers worldwide for more than 15 years. Our customers realize the benefits of the Cloud and IP technology at a cost that’s far less than in-house implementations. We simplify operations. You save time and money.

Ready for the Cloud? Appia can simplify your IT and telecom, strengthen data security, and support your mobile workforce. We offer flexible and scalable solutions, backed by an industry-leading service level agreement and a network that’s up 99.999% of the time. We also provide valuable extras to our customers. Click to learn about our free meeting services

Review our core service offerings…


Communication and Cloud Based Networking by Design

Over the past 15+ years, we’ve learned that effective communication and networking for small and midsize companies and organizations are not made with a cookie-cutter. They’re designed, to meet the unique needs of the customer. Design also drives the way we deliver our services. We understand that our services must work each and every time. So our network is both locally and geographically redundant, and supported by 24/7 monitoring and management.

We’re Proud of these Facts

ding-orange We’re one of very few companies listed on Inc.’s 500/5000 for six years in a row. MSP Mentor lists us as one of the top managed services providers in the world.

ding-orange We achieve 99.999% service reliability.

ding-orange We back our services with the best service level agreement in the business, and with the skills and experience of our staff of engineers and technicians. Sure, we’re a technology business. But even more, we’re a service business.


Forklift or Migration?

Sometimes it makes sense to do away with the phone system you have and install a new one. But more often, the best solution is one that starts with what you have and adds the new equipment and features you need. We’ll do backflips to make it work for you!


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New Phone Systems

Our hosted phone services provide the features of an advanced phone system, but at less cost that’s less than owning your own system. There’s also a softphone users can install on their mobile devices to make and receive calls just as if they were using their desktop phones.

Existing Phone Systems

SIP trunks provide all of the features of standard telephone lines, but at a much lower cost. And with no limits on concurrent calls, there’s no need to add new lines or to buy cards for your phone system.

Migration to IP Voice

You may need a new phone system in one but not all of your locations. Or you may have commitments to the phone company that are too costly to terminate.

With Appia, you can migrate to VoIP on your timetable, while enjoying the benefits of free calls between offices, extension dialing, and more.

Call Centers

Caring for Your Customers

Customers today demand superior support and care. Our call center solutions give you the tools to meet their expectations, whether you have only a few or hundreds of agents.

Our Solutions

ding-orange Easy to deploy and use
ding-orange Highly available
ding-orange Extend customer service capabilities across the entire organization, providing a more integrated and collaborative approach to customer satisfaction and leading to a better customer experience.

We Offer Several Call Center Options

We offer several call center options, all of which enable you to provide premium responsiveness and streamlined customer interactions. One of them is certain to meet your unique requirements, and at an affordable price.

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ding-orange Call Center Solutions


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Cloud Collaboration

Skyrocketing travel costs and increasing travel hassles demand new ways to collaborate. Cloud desktop services makes these new ways possible.


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With Appia’s audio conferencing service, you get the features you need to keep your team in touch and on target 24/7. No reservations required, and recording is included.


Much of communication is nonverbal, so face‐to‐face interaction is far more productive than phone calls, faxes or email. When you can’t be there in person, real‐time video is the next best way to meet…and at the speed of sight.


Appia’s Web Meeting solution is different from WebEx™ or GoToMeeting and other services. There’s no software to download, no files to upload, and it’s easy and intuitive to use. All you need is a browser.


Mobile Communications

All your communication needs in a single monthly bill, with one number to call for support.


Our cellular service is nationwide, with voice, text, and data. We offer a choice of popular devices, and you’ll see significant savings over what the major carriers charge.

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ding-orange Appia Cellular Services


Another mobility solution is to use softphones. Softphones are apps that use the internet and run on PCs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices, looking much like a telephone dial pad. Make and receive calls anywhere you have access to the internet.

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ding-orange Appia Softphone Service


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Why the Network Matters

Network issues such as latency, jitter, and packet loss can diminish the user experience when making phone calls or video conferencing.

That’s why networks that carry real-time traffic require specialized expertise in design, monitoring and management.

Real-time Networks

We design and deploy real-time networks that are secure and reliable. Our wholesale relationships with multiple carriers enable us to build networks that are deployed smoothly and cost-effectively.

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ding-orange Network Design & Management 


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Management, Monitoring

Improve your users’ experience and cut operating costs by outsourcing network management. Appia gives you access to best-of-breed monitoring systems reporting network status in real-time. Our engineers and technicians can resolve the issues for you.

Network Device Support

Network device failures are a leading cause of network instability and outages. Our service supplements vendor support programs with a single point of contact and unlimited remote support, replacement of defective devices, and on-demand access to software upgrades.


Moving to the Cloud

Moving your servers to a data center protects invaluable data and ensures uninterrupted access to mission-critical applications.

Colocation Services

Most small and midsize businesses and non-profits don’t need a cabinet, they need one or a few rack units for critical servers. We offer rack units at prices that make colocation possible for any organization.

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ding-orange Colocation Services


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The Facility

Appia’s data center is centrally located in downtown St. Louis. It’s tier 3 and SOC-2 compliant, with redundant power and HVAC and state of the art security. The Meet-Me room is located right next door, so cross-connects are quick to install. And our Network Operations Center is just steps away, with hands available to help.

Cloud Desktops

Computing in the Cloud

Appia’s Cloud desktops and servers help you end the costly and risky cycle of hardware and software investment. Our desktops deliver a Windows desktop as a Cloud service. Add Microsoft Office, hosted Microsoft Exchange, and your line of business applications, and you’re all set. Our servers range from 1 vCPU and 1 GB of RAM to 8 vCPUs and 64 GB of RAM. We also offer backup services, including mirrored backup.

Appia is a SOC and PCI compliant Cloud services provider.


ding-orange Mobility: Access information on any device, wherever you are.

ding-orange Affordable: Predictable, easy-to-budget operating expenses.

ding-orange Extend the life of your existing equipment: Even outdated PCs can use the services.

ding-orange Easy to set up & use: Address, user name, password and you’re in.

ding-orange Disaster recovery: Everything in the Cloud for true business continuity.


ding-orange For new employees
ding-orange Instead of upgrading legacy hardware for existing employees
ding-orange For employees who are mobile to avoid the risk of device loss or theft
ding-orange To enable employees to use tablets and other mobile devices from the road or at home.


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Save with Our Extras

We offer three valuable extras only for our customers. There are set-up charges and some usage charges, but no monthly charges. If you use services like these now, you’ll find that the savings will be substantial.


Contact Appia for more information and receive our Cloud Comparison Calculator to see how you can save money throughout your business!

Conference Calling

Our service does not require reservations and has a rich selection of host controls, including call recording.

Web Meeting

Why pay for WebEx™ or GoToMeeting,, etc., when our service has all the features you need and it’s free?

Monitoring and Traffic

Voice and video are real-time services, and it’s important that your network support them. This service uses Solarwinds to give you a view into your network, its performance, and how much bandwidth you’re using and for different kinds of traffic.

Breaking News:

Appia Communications today announced the availability of its Cloud desktops.
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