Jeff joined Appia in 2013. “Before I came to Appia, I was a cook at a restaurant kitchen but I wanted a career. Appia is a place that will give you a chance if you’re willing to learn and work hard.”

After a three-month internship, he joined the night shift as a Tier I technician.  Now a Tier II technician, Jeff trains new members of the support team and helps problem-solve more complex issues, such as call quality tickets that come into support. “We work together here. When the newer Tier 1 techs get stuck on something, we don’t just fix it for them, we take the opportunity to teach them how to fix the problem. That way they can fix it next time.”

When he isn’t at work, Jeff keeps himself busy. “I don’t want to seem like too much of a dork, but after work, I play video games – mostly old fantasy games like Everquest.  I also enjoy weekend adventures, like traveling for concerts, lazy river trips, and hiking in the summer. I am excited about seeing my favorite band play in Chicago on my birthday later this year.”