11/13/2015 Ensuring Real-Time Traffic Quality
Voice and video calls are traffic that must arrive without delay at the receiving end for its content to be
intelligible. This real-time traffic is different from email, web pages, etc., which can tolerate delay without
loss of content.

11/12/2014 Fraudulent Calling | Appia Policy & Prevention Tips
With hackers sending unauthorized calls over phone systems, companies and organizations incur millions of dollars in expense. Review our fraudulent calls policy and fraudulent calls prevention tips.

06/11/2014 Appia Resellers | People Make the Difference
Many of our resellers find us — they hire on after their first experience with our employees and products, such as James Lovejoy of LovejoyTech.

06/05/2014 Agilis Systems | Reliable Hosted Services
A year after transitioning from their own “home grown” VoIP to hosted services, Agilis Systems was still struggling to achieve full functionality and reliability until a switch to Appia was made.

05/20/2010 Speed, Flexibility of Deployments Spurring Hosted VoIP and Other Managed Services
The relative ease of a managed service deployment becomes even more attractive when time is of the essence.

01/21/2010 Appia Study Seeks Answers for the “Vanishing VAR”
Research commissioned by Appia Communications investigates the challenges facing value-added resellers (VARs) in the new decade.

04/16/2009 Overcoming the Top Three Barriers to Video Conferencing for SMBs
The next generation of solutions must focus on low cost, flexibility and ease of use.