Cloud Call Center Services

Customers expect their calls to be answered quickly and their issues to be resolved promptly. Whether your call center has a few or even hundreds of agents, meeting this demand requires specialized software.

Three Solutions

With three cloudCALLCENTER solutions, Appia delivers VoIP call center solutions tailored to your unique requirements and budget. Regardless of which solution you choose, using a Cloud call center saves licensing and maintenance costs, eliminates the need to manage software upgrades, and provides business continuity.

Work from Anywhere

And because it is Cloud-based, your agents can work from anywhere. Save space costs, use flexible scheduling, and offer work-from-home as a benefit of working for your organization.

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Basic Call Center

  • For smaller VoIP call centers that need routing, queueing, and reporting
  • Agents can belong to multiple call queues, and have a web interface to monitor their performance
  • Supervisors can actively monitor calls, either coaching the agent or entering the call, if required
  • Key performance indicators can be monitored by both agents and supervisors, and can be displayed on a wallboard
  • A large number of reports can be run either scheduled or ad hoc

Cloud Contact Center

  • For more advanced, customized applications
  • Available in two versions
  • Capabilities such as intelligent skill-based routing, customized reporting, and workforce management provide the tools to run and manage a contact center effectively
  • Includes voice, email, social media, and chat
  • Interactive Voice Response functionality allows customer self-service for common requests.

Cisco Contact Center Express

  • With three versions, there is a solution for call centers of all sizes
  • Offers sophisticated call routing and comprehensive contact management capabilities, and includes an embedded reporting solution that offers a comprehensive view of contact center statistics at a glance
  • Automatic call distributor features include conditional routing, call-in-queue, and expected-wait-time messages
  • Multi-channel capabilities include voice, email, web chat, and social media inquiries