Work Anywhere

People are more mobile than ever, working from the road, home – virtually anywhere. So cellular voice, text, and data services have become a major communication expense for many companies and organizations.

Appia offers a cost-effective mobile phone service plan from AT&T. There are no term commitments. Plus, you can bring any devices you prefer, provided they are compatible with AT&T’s network.

The AT&T plan includes unlimited voice and text and at least 2 GB of data per user. Unused data is carried over to the next month.


  • Service: You’ll have reliable network coverage almost anywhere you go.
  • Take Wi-Fi with you: Stay productive by having real-time access to email, the web, and business data. Mobile hotspots connect up to five devices. Add a softphone for in- and outbound calling just as if you were at your desk.
  • Lower cost: Use our Cellular Cost Estimator and you’ll see how much you can save.


  • Device freedom: With our “bring your own device” program, you can use any device – phone or tablet – as long as it’s compatible with the AT&T network. Smartphones from such providers as BLU are available for well under $100.

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