Reduce your office phone bills

Use our SIP packages with your IP-PBX or connect them using a gateway to your legacy PBX. Either way, you’ll keep your phone system, stations and consoles, and applications such as auto-attendant and voicemail.

You can also use SIP packages as the first step in migrating to a complete VoIP deployment. Implement our cloudVOICE solution at new sites or sites that need a phone system upgrade, but keep your in-house phone systems at other sites until you’re ready to replace them. This approach lowers your investment and enables you to implement VoIP at the pace you choose, while taking advantage of the benefits of VoIP.


  • Reduce Costs: A SIP package costs less than traditional phone lines. Also, calls between offices are free and our domestic, toll-free, and international rates are exceptionally low.
  • Phone Number Freedom: Keep your existing local and toll-free numbers or order new ones in the U.S., Canada, and many countries worldwide.

Have a contract with the local phone company that would cost too much to terminate? We can show you economical ways to keep it until it reaches its end of term.

SIP Trunks

Each SIP trunk provides one concurrent call and includes inbound usage. Order new or port your existing local or toll-free phone numbers and add features such as 911, directory listing, T.38, and CNAM. Inbound toll-free and outbound usage is charged on a per minute basis.



SIP DID Packages – No Limits

With our SIP DID packages, there are no concurrent call limits. With this Appia-exclusive feature, your customers will never hear a busy signal and your staff will always be able to find an open phone line. And you’ll never worry about adding new lines or equipment as your business grows. See below for SIP DID packages and order the one you need based on the number of phone numbers (DIDs) and minutes you need.

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SIP DID Packages

Package Total DIDs 1
Feature DIDs 2
Minutes 3
Toll-Free Numbers 1
6 6 1 4.500 1
8 8 1 6,000 1
12 12 1 9,000 1
24 24 1 18,000 1
48 48 1 36,000 1
96 96 1 72,000 1

1 New or ported

2 Includes 911, directory listing, caller name

3 Inbound and outbound calling to the U.S., Canada, and selected international landline destinations. Additional minutes are 1.5 cents.

4 Free audio conferencing hosts.