Denver Congress Headquarters

To the telecommunications super team at Appia:

During my time with Romanoff for Congress, I often fell into the role of general tech support, despite have no background in (or natural inclination with) any IT operations at all. I frequently called Appia for support and was always greeted with helpful, timely, support.

My questions never went unanswered and my problems always got solved. From helping me identify an unplugged switch to walking me through the steps to re configure a router you all acted as lifesavers on more than one occasion. I wanted to thank you for all of your amazing customer service, especially when, at the end of last month, a power failure caused our network to reconfigure and we lost all of our phones and internet service shortly before a huge end of the quarter push — when both systems would be essential to the functioning of my organization.

Thank you all for your dogged persistence that day in helping us get back online. Thank you all, again, for your amazing help.

Indianapolis Law Firm

In April, 2006, the high rise we were in was hit by straight-line winds. We had to vacate our building for 12 weeks. We have a remote office in our area and we went to that office, but the PBX system could not handle the 120 additional extensions we needed. The biggest challenge we faced during that situation was to give all of our staff access to a telephone. My firm has lived through this and they know that it can happen to them, because it has happened to them. Disaster recovery is very significant; we see that as value for the future.

If we were to lose one of the connections to the office, we can simply switch the voice and data to the other connection. This is part of the flexibility we did not have with our previous system.

Chicago CPA Firm

We needed a system in place that would integrate two offices, enable us to work from multiple locations, allow for growth, and work with our existing software suite. Most importantly, we needed increased speed and efficiency, and a system that would be easy to manage. Everything just works. We’re able to serve our clients better.

Chicago Consulting Firm

In this economy, where companies are watching their capital expenditures, Appia’s voice services are especially attractive for a number of reasons. They easily scale for companies from one to 1,000, the implementation cost is lower than traditional premise-based phone systems, and the ongoing maintenance is included in the low monthly fee.

Indiana Nonprofit

I’m the least technical person in the world. A lot of companies talk about customer service and don’t mean a word of it. Appia understands there’s a person on the other end of the phone.

I wish we had found Appia three years ago. Bringing work home is part of the job. With features like voicemail-to-email, (the Appia system) really is portable in the best sense of the word. It has been a Godsend to me.

Tennessee Dental Office

The performance has been good. Everybody likes that Appia Video Communicator is easy to use, and we like the quality of the audio and video. But most importantly, we’re enjoying the more efficient use of our time. It’s easier to have meetings when needed. We can respond more quickly and conduct sessions without a lot of planning and without any travel.

Illinois Equipment Manufacturer

Out of everything we looked at, the first 12 months of the Appia solution cost about 15% less. But over time, eliminating the cycle of update and replacement costs made the real difference. Over the expected 10-year life of a purchased system, this could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The hosted solution came out far ahead of anything else.

We’re also saving a lot of time. We no longer have to be telephone managers. When it comes to the phones, we just plug them in and answer any emails that come in to the support center. We’re free to focus on other tasks.

The Appia Private Network is much cheaper, and it’s faster, even with phone traffic on it. Our users tell us they have noticed the improvement in performance, and we like that our business traffic is off the public Internet.

We have five different buildings at our [Indiana] location, and we’re able to move seamlessly between all of them. We’re all on the same phone system whether we’re at our desks or not.

We’re very happy with the Appia Private Network. We’re able to separate business traffic from internet browsing traffic, and we have redundant connections configured to kick in automatically in case of any outage.

Chicago Value-Added Reseller

Appia Communications has been instrumental in creating an effective disaster recovery plan. Their execution and timeliness in assisting our IT staff in upgrading and maintaining our hardware for VoIP have been flawless since the [lightening] strike.

California Novelty Manufacturer

Appia was able to guide the technician from the telecom provider directly to the location of the trouble and describe what was causing the outage. Once the provider recognized the problem, they identified a router at [our] … Kentucky location that had failed and needed to be reconfigured. Even though it was 3 a.m. by the time the problem had been isolated, the Appia engineer worked to restore the router.

Appia is a service provider that I know is there for me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When they need to wake somebody up, they wake somebody up.

Knowing that Appia is monitoring our WAN 24 hours a day is where the value of Appia comes in for us. We have the peace of mind of Appia monitoring our production sites at all hours of the day in case a problem arises.

Indiana Automotive Manufacturer

Appia was able to develop the auto announce feature, which gives us an audible signal and a visual alert on our wall display to alert our agents when a call is waiting in a particular queue. This allows us to focus on the customer we’re currently assisting, rather than always watching a monitor to see if there are calls waiting. It also helps us manage the length of our calls and maintain an efficient call turn ratio.

The auto attendant has allowed us to be more sophisticated in our call routing. Many of our customers can now address inquiries like pricing and product information on our Website, which allows us to handle more inquiries and increase our agent productivity.

The voice quality of the Appia IP solution is tremendous. In fact, we find that it’s better than our old system with traditional phone lines.

We can always rely on our calls always coming through. Since we moved to the Appia system, we haven’t had a single complaint about a call being lost. We sewed up the black hole.

Moves, adds, and changes are physically a lot easier to handle. In order to make changes with our old system, when we would relocate an employee, we’d have to run a new telephone line to their new desk. Now you just move your phone, plug it in at your new desk, and you’re up and running with your same extension.

Nationwide Motion Control Manufacturer

We switched to Appia when the company first formed. We wanted to be on the cutting edge of VOIP technology and all that it could offer.

We’ve been pleased with Appia, and how they’re always looking at what’s new, what can be improved. It’s good to be partnered with someone who is looking out for the client.

It’s made all the difference – seamless connection among our different offices (four) and all of our clients.

Boston Health Care Provider

Four years ago we were looking for somebody who had real-time information, call center management – went with Appia because it was better service at a lower price than the four other bids the we got. No surprises with first bill, it was exactly what we were told during the original quote.

We’ve grown so fast in past four years but it’s been painless — all I’ve had to do is speak to one of your engineers, and additional services are added.

Chicago Machinery Distributor

In 2003, we were spending $1,400-1,500 per month on our phone bill. We saved $10,000 right away with Appia, money we which were able to spend in other ways to increase our business – advertising and buying more machines.

We’ve been pretty happy for the past 10 years. Right now we really like the option that keeps dialing until it finds who you’re calling. (Find Me Follow Me).

Florida VoIP Provider

I know it has been quite a while since I first discussed having your company provide a VoIP trunk for a client of mine. I wanted to just take a moment of your time to bring you up to date…we are fully transitioned to using Appia as our VoIP provider and it was an exceptionally smooth transition from the previous provider. My client, as of now, is fully operational without any significant down time. I estimate the overall downtime between porting was around 2 minutes total.

Suffice to say I am very impressed with all of the support and work done by your team there in order to make this happen smoothly and effectively for my client. I will certainly keep you all in mind for any further clients I have and their VoIP needs in the future.

Ohio Trucking Company

I have had a fantastic experience with every single person that I have needed to work with. Everyone from the customer service employees to the technical employees has been great. Because of this I plan on using Appia if able and have already recommended Appia to others. Customer service is an all but forgotten priority for most companies. I’m not sure if this is ingrained in Appia’s culture or if we just got lucky, but Appia is to be commended.

New York Cloud Computing Provider

I must say your service and support is the best of any of my suppliers I have ever had.  They should get a pat on the back.